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András Csepinszky is the director of advanced automotive technology at NNG Llc. started as a biochemist. His father was a teacher at a college of agricultural studies in Mascara when he graduated from the Pannonhalma boarding school. His father invited him to Algeria, and he went with the thought of “at least I will learn French.” That is where he started his studies of Biology, which he carried on in Debrecen and finished at the prestigious Maitrise de Biochimie, Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France. When he returned to Hungary in 1995, he could not find a position matching his expertise. For a while, he was working as a translator, and in the meantime, he studied information technology.
He first started writing computer programs in the early ’80s as a child at a middle school in Nagyváthi. His godfather was teaching Mathematics and Physics. Hence he could use the computer in the school. He only wanted to play, but no games were available on the device, so he wrote one. In 2006 he was already fully committed to vehicle telematics at the Connexis Kft. in Debrecen. From 2009 he was a project manager at ERTICO-ITS Europe in Brussels for more than five years. In 2014 he created the company-wide global Project Management Office of NNG Llc. András Csepinszky is 50 years old, married with six children.

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